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With the establishment of the SAAC on 18 October 1946, a requirement for
qualified armour instructors also arose. An Armour Training Branch was
established in 1946, which later, in 1953, amalgamated with the Artillery to
establish the School of Artillery and Armour in Potchefstroom, and finally
establishing the School of Armour in 1966 in Bloemfontein.

During the official opening of the School of Armour in 1967, General Fraser said the
following: "The School of Armour, like other training establishments, also plays an
important role in the South African Army - it has in fact become an indispensable
unit in our organisation." Little did the general know how true his words would

Since its establishment, the School of Armour has achieved many successes in
training, sport and other areas. Many dignitaries and foreign visitors have visited the
unit over the years.

During 2003 the unit was nominated for the Bloemfontein Institution of the Year
award, which is sponsored and presented by the Bloemfontein community
newspaper, ONS STAD. On 21 April 2004, the unit was announced to be the proud
new "Bloemfontein Institution of the Year 2003."

On 3 April 2004 the unit received the Freedom of Entry into the City of Mangaung,
together with 1 SA Tank Regiment.

Officers Commanding       Go top
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Cmdt R.N. Gibbings, MC March 1966 July 1969
Col J.F.J. van Rensburg, SD, SM, MMM July 1969 July 1973
Col W.C. Meyer, SD, SSAS August 1973 November 1975
Col G.D.M. Coetzee December 1975 November 1976
Col A.P.R. Carstens December 1976 December 1977
Col A.J. Snyman January 1978 December 1979
Col R. Otto, SD, SM, MMM January 1980 November 1983
Col A.J. van Niekerk December 1983 November 1984
Col T.B. Beyleveldt, SM, MMM December 1984 November 1990
Col H.T. Heinze, SM, MMM December 1990 November 1993
Col B.C. Gildenhuys, SM, MMM December 1993 October 1996
Lt Col H.P. Grobler (acting) October 1996 November 1996
Col A. Retief, SM, MMM November 1996 January 2002
Lt Col C.G. van den Berg (acting) January 2002 July 2002
Col A. Retief, SM, MMM July 2002 December 2004
Col M.W. Nondala December 2004 July 2007
Lt Col S.J.P. Buys (acting) July 2007 January 2008
Col M.W. Nondala January 2008 October 2008
Lt Col S.J.P. Buys (acting) October 2008 December 2008
Lt Col R.R. Hohls (acting) December 2008 January 2010
Col M.W. Nondala January 2010 September 2015
Lt Col D.L. Speak (acting) September 2015

RSM       Go top
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WO 1 W.J. Nel, BEM April 1966 July 1967
WO 1 R. Marshall July 1967 November 1967
WO 1 M.A. Booyens, PMM, MMM December 1967 December 1968
WO 1 W.J. Nel, BEM January 1969 July 1969
WO 1 W.L. Smith, BEM August 1969 October 1973
WO 1 N.H. van der Walt, PMM, MMM November 1973 December 1978
WO 1 P.H. Rőhrbeck, PMM January 1979 November 1980
WO 1 C.F.H. Rőhrbeck,MMM December 1980 June 1984
WO 1 G.D.F. van Baalen, PMM, MMM July 1984 December 1986
WO 1 G. Conry, MMM January 1987 May 1990
WO 1 N.J. Coertze, PMM, MMM June 1990 November 1993
WO 1 W.F. Snyman, PMM, MMM December 1993 December 1997
WO 1 H.J. Swart December 1997 December 2001
WO 1 A.J. Crous, MMM December 2001 January 2006
WO 1 T.A. Mabote January 2006 August 2010
MWO E. Helm, MMM August 2010

Insignia       Go top

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